Friday, April 5, 2013


I have made the mistake that so many others have experienced when they've attempted to write their life story - I started, sputtered, stopped, started again, stopped again, and finally just quit. It takes discipline to write about yourself, and I've lacked it. So, how do you and I avoid such, and just sit down and write our story?

For one, you and I may think of our lives as boring and unworthy of the effort. Who would want to read about our tedious experiences in high school, our failed marriages, our mediocre kids and their mediocre friends? Would our children even have enough interest that they would take the time to read about their parent's experiences before (and after) they were born?

I just finished an autobiography by a person who was average in just about every way. But his story was interesting to me because he faced some of the same challenges in his life that I've faced in mine. How he managed them gave me insight to my mistakes and will probably help me to face similar challenges in a better way in the future. Besides, it was a fun, hilarious read.

Where I've made my mistake is that I failed in my commitment to the project. Perhaps one way to avoid such an end is to force myself to write at least one page every day. If I manage that, I'll have 365 pages at the end of one year. That's a book.

I've always said that when you write you learn more about yourself than you could ever learn otherwise. That's probably especially true when we write our memoirs. After all, we have to confront the trials of our lives, as well as relive and enjoy the successes. Putting pen to paper (or fingertips to keys) forces us to explore the tiniest details of our past. What previously hidden motivations for our actions or inactions will we discover?

There are many websites devoted to writing memoirs. These are just a few I found with a web search:

I'm going to go back to my memoir and commit to finishing it. And who knows? There may be people out there who will benefit from reading your story!

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