Monday, March 4, 2013


I've debated for some time whether or not to publish a novel that I wrote some ten years ago called "My Handle is Desolation." It's about a barkeep in downtown Vicksburg who becomes (hopefully) wealthy overnight when casino gaming is approved by the Mississippi legislator. The bad guys, of course, are intent upon stealing his land, located on the river in just the right spot for a casino. That aside, I did a bit more research to try and determine the best means for publishing the work, and finally decided to give's "createspace" a try. Let me tell you… I have been very impressed with the results! Although I haven't decided whether to publish or not, only a very short time was required for me to prepare the book and cover for publication. I took my wife to the local cemetery, where she took some photographs that I planned to use for the cover. Back home I edited the photos, then decided on one for the cover:

After picking out a "style" for the cover and writing a few words for the back cover, I uploaded all of this and the photo to createspace. The preview looked okay, so I ordered a proof copy for review. Here it is:

The cover photo is a bit different from the first photo shown above because I edited the image a bit. Anyway, the whole process was easy as pie. I just may go ahead and publish the thing. If you have a manuscript ready ( or even partially written), you might give creatspace a try. It's easy, and it doesn't cost you a thing!

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